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  • Built: 2012
  • Ships to: USA, UK,  France, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Greece, Hungary, Japan..
  • Payments: Bitcoin
  • Delivery time: 7-20 days

New genuine steroid supplier with a very well designed website. You can buy steroids, HGH, peptides, fat burners and anti estrogens.

Wide range of products and cheap prices. Approved reseller of few labs.


  1. Thanks, I really am in need of good advice regarding roids. Like most people who have never trid them i am a little apprehesive.

  2. Guys,

    Thank you. I just received my order today. I didnt know if I could trust anyone online who was out of the country without a recommendation, but your expertise on every item you sell told me that you really are “one of us”. True Body Builders!……………and for a long, long time. So I gave you guys a shot, and you delivered. Literally, in 17 days. And the fact that you saw I didnt have enough D. in my order to really get anywhere, it was very nice of you to throw in a fat sample for free so I can at least complete most of my cycle. Giving more product than one pays for is what I would have only expected from professionals. Thanks again guys. You folks have my business from now on! On my mothers soul…this is a real testimonial. You can find me on the BB boards if you want to PM me.

    The Big V. from Chicago

    • are these guys legit i placed an order and am hoping they r. if not oh well I’m out a little $$$$. Seriously though hows the gear if anyone got some recently>

      • did u get your stuff?

  3. I bought some stuff and I got it yayyyy.

    • So sick of theses fake bull sites wanted to make sure this site is legit

  4. Thanks
    I have Received all my orders within 2 weeks every time to Texas.
    Don’t get scammed like my friends did by using someone else,
    these guys are legit!

  5. this is the first time i am doing this on line my friend told me to try this sight i hope it for real.i will order it tomorrow when i get home from work

  6. Good shit !

  7. I just placed an order with them about 3 days ago. Im hope that there are no issues involving customs. Other than that their reputation seems to be good.
    I’ll be sure to respond when and if the order arrives. I have high hopes 🙂

  8. i was very hesitant to buy but took the chance and everything went well, unbeleivable just 10 days and i got my gear. they are legit thanks

  9. do they ship to Canada?

    • No they do not.

  10. I received my package today. That is great!!! I never thought I’d receive it that soon. I look forward to doing more business with onlineroids in the future, Thank you guys you rock!!!

  11. I purchased back in June and still have not received my order with totaled over $500. It has been over 60 days and when I contact them they answer me with questions very unhappy customer. Will be finding another supplier!!

    • reply:

      Customer order split into two packages and sent few days apart. She received first package but not the second one. Customer doesn’t have a customs seizure letter copy so regarding our policy in order to reship the remaining part we require the letter copy.
      Alhtough we don’t have to do, told her that we will reship that part..

  12. whats going on with get busted again. been buying gear for about a year now nothing place order 500 plus nothing wtf

  13. Can they ship the steroids to california and is this website really legit

  14. Turned out to be a legit source, I got my order today and I was surprised, I figured I got scammed after how long I waited. The wait time is really my only complaint, I waited for 36-37 days, which was warned on the site, I was just surprised; I figured after day 20 that I was getting the shaft. The site’s prices are cheaper than anyone I’ve seen and the shipping was very discrete, envelope was a little bigger than it needed to be but that’s pretty irrelevant. Also I don’t know if it was a mistake or maybe some sort of promo but I ordered Gen-Shi Anavar (oxandrolone) and they also sent me some Methyltesto (Methyltestosterone) for free which I am going to use as well. Responses to emails were prompt and other than the hassle of Western Union-ing money, it was an easy shopping and purchasing experience.

    All in all, good, not perfect – but good, probably as near to perfect as any online source is. I will most likely buy from them again barring success of the products, I’ll post more when I get through with my cycle.

  15. Received my gear in 12 days. Wow they came through…

  16. Received my stuff in just 15 days, looks good. A+ seller

    • how long did it take for conformation that the order went through?

      • 2 days. send money in local shops not online for a smooth payment.

  17. About to try them out

  18. I order Test E, Test Cyp, Tren, Deca, Dbol, and Nolvadex and had it shipped to KY. Average pricing, the shipment was separated into two packages. The first package (Test, Tren, and Deca) showed up in under two weeks. The second package (Dbol and PCTs) never showed up, after going round and round with them through email, receiving the same “it can take up to 60 days” B.S. it still never showed up and I stopped bothering. The gear was decent, just wish everything would have shown up.

    • We reshipped missing items although we don’t have to do, as you don’t have any seizure letter copy. But you post this review, this is not kind..

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